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Before I started Audio Seva, I always felt like I was only taking from Srila Paramagurudeva in the form of his harikatha but not giving back. I wanted to serve him but did not know how to. But by Paramagurudeva’s mercy, my siksa guru, Sripad Gokulchandra Prabhuji asked me to register for Audio Seva. So I registered but doubted whether I could do it.


But then I saw that the Audio Seva Team is so helpful and prompt in answering my queries that I felt confident I could do it. Thanks to this seva, I now feel very connected with Srila Paramgurudeva and a sense of satisfaction in my heart that I am serving him in a small way.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


Anand Swarupini dasi (Archi Goel, India)

Personally, I feel so blessed for being involved in the Audio Seva. It takes me to that era where I can strongly feel Srila Gurudeva’s presence. I can actually feel that he is physically here and instructing me. These beautiful feelings can only be felt at heart. I feel more strongly connected with him then even during his physical presence. I now understand when the sastra says – One can see the pure devotees only by ear and not by the eyes. After I received initiation from Srila Gurudeva in 2005, I had many darsanas but could not understand his teachings but now, in separation from him and with this service, I have the opportunity to take his instructions to heart. I now understand the depth of his teachings. 

I am so indebted to this Audio Seva Team for seamlessly working 24X7. They are so accommodating. Penning down the main topics of the lecture indeed helps me remember his important instructions better. I heard Srila Gurudeva say in one lecture - "These material things will keep you engaged all your life. You have to steal time for your spiritual advancement". Since this Srila Gurudeva’s desire, anyhow it will be achieved. But I strongly feel this is the time we should all gear up, each & every one of us has the chance to access his mercy. There is abundant seva for all. It’s up to us how much we can avail of this opportunity.

Dandavat Pranams.

Himani Khattar (India)

Hare Krsna!

Firstly I wish to thank Janaki Didi and the entire audio seva team, who awarded me the opportunity to engage in Srila Gurudeva’s Audio Seva. Usually, in my daily schedule, I have to account for time to serve my Deities, chant Sri Harinama and study scriptures alongside my professional job. 

How priceless this Audio Seva of Srila Gurudeva is to me can be estimated by the fact that I have prioritised it over all else. It is only by the mercy of Srila Gurudeva that I am able to contribute towards this Audio Seva. I have begun to experience a very special connection with Srila Gurudeva ever since I took up this seva. 

Moreover, the organised and ever so responsive and helping mood of the Audio Seva team always greatly inspires me to constantly and tirelessly endeavour to fulfil the manobhista of Srila Gurudeva. I pray that I am able to continue to contribute my small bit to this most important and historical seva of getting Srila Gurudeva’s archive organised.

Jai Srila Gurudeva!

Vijay Laxmi Dasi (India)

There cannot be a better offering for Srila Gurudeva’s 100th vyasa puja as it was Srila Gurudeva’s instruction to organize his lectures and publish books. When his vapu is not directly visible to us, through his vani, we are connected to him. He is inspiring, taking care of us, protecting our bhakti. In this way, I feel that this audio seva is a very, very big contribution on my part, for my Gurudeva’s vani.


I have been listening to Srila Gurudeva every single day. But it is a great joy to do it as a seva. Laptop was a little difficult for me, and so I couldn't manage earlier, but with the help of the Audio Seva Team I was able to do it on my tablet itself.

Janaki Didi (Vrindavan, India)

One of Srila Gurudeva's disciple, Sri Vijaya Krishna Prabhuji told me about this seva. He said that I can directly associate with Srila Gurudeva by listening to his nectarean hari-katha. And now I can feel this. This is not merely about making notes, but direct service unto Srila Gurudeva's lotus feet. So, I am feeling very blessed to have got this opportunity. I request others to also join to do this seva as this is organising of archives is a one time opportunity. Jaya Srila Gurudeva! Hari Hari Bol!

Manmohan Das (India)

Hare Krsna, I have been associated with this Audio Seva Team since a few months and I must say that this seva inspired me a lot! Although I never got a chance to met Srila Paramagurudeva and I couldn't hear directly from him, but this service has made me feel so much closer to him. I am hearing his teachings very carefully as I have to make notes. It has been a very special experience for me. I am so glad that in this way I can contribute for Paramgurudeva's 100th Vyasa puja. 

Neha Raina (India)

I read the email where devotees worldwide were invited to help organize the archives which contain so much Hari Katha that Srila Gurudeva has spoken in this world. I thought 'how can I do that? It might be too big a responsibility. This is about serious matters; Srila Gurudeva's Hari Katha..! Suppose I do not represent things correctly...' Etc Etc.

But then I realized how precious these audio recordings are and how important it is that we (and future devotees) will be able to locate all these spoken treasures.


So I replied on the help-request and found a very friendly and helpful team, every time answering my questions and everytime appreciating my attempts. After 2 or 3 files, I got used to the way of filling in the information sheet. What language did Gurudeva speak? What was the subject? Which category? Did I hear a kirtan, which one? Though I did not have to translate anything (to my great relieve being a Dutch native!), I listened very carefully to what was spoken, and got the blessing of hearing so many beautiful details and things I had never heard before. Sitting all relaxed at home in front of my laptop!


So I would say 'Yes, try it! This seva is so worthy and inspiring!' It's such a blessing to your own soul too!

Jaya Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!!

Kamala Devi dasi (The Netherlands)

While going through our website,, I had come across something like this audio seva, but I didn't really understand much about it, so I decided to read all about it, I thought to myself, as I never really got the great fortune to serve Gurudev, and today Shrimati Radharani is giving me a divine chance to serve Gurudev, and such extraordinary service, which in turn is benefiting me, in my spiritual development.


It is more like having the greatest fortune of listening to Gurudev and realising so many truths about the Lord, and getting constant association of Gurudev. I experience this as nothing else than the supreme mercy of Shrimati Radharani. All glories to Srila Gurudev! All glories to all the devotees involved in this wonderful seva... Thank you for giving me this opportunity... jai ho.

Sunita Sharma (India)

Being involved in this seva has forced me to listen more attentively and learn so much, it has cleared many misconceptions I had. I can honestly say the few minutes I dedicate daily to this service are definitely the most enjoyable part of my day!!!

Braja Kisora das (South Africa)

Haribol, I have been doing this service and I need to say that it is really wonderful. It is so much special for me, because I came very late to Srila Gurudeva, I couldn't hear much directly from him, but I find it so amazing that despite the fact that Srila Gurudeva is not physically present, he is in his vani, in his instructions.


Hearing all these lectures is helping me so much to come close to Srila Gurudeva! So many times I feel like he is speaking directly to me, I was just going through some difficulty and just then, in the tape I was hearing he spoke something that really helped me to keep going. It is really great that that we can have so the possibility to serve his vani through this Audio Seva.

Jay Gurudeva. :)

Manjulali Dasi (Bolivia)

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