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FINANCIAL UPDATE (Aksaya Tritiya, April 26, 2020)

Serving alongside 500+ devotees from across 49 countries, we have reported the contents of 12000+ lectures so far, sound engineered 1500+ and track edited (cut and merged) 2500+ of these lectures. 

During the period of August 2018-December 2019, we spent a total of $70,499 on Sound Engineering, Contracted services, Automation, Miscellaneous.

The breakup is as follows:

Contracted services $ 23,651 
Sound engineering $ 35,957 
Automation $ 9,133 
Miscellaneous $ 1,758 

During this period we raised  $179,057 and in the future, we estimate a requirement of $177,000 more.


While the sound engineering cost was slightly lower than expected (due to further negotiations), we spent more on Contracted Services as it was impossible to progress without a full time committed backend support team. (We currently have a backend team of 12 devotees)

During the last year, especially after December 2019, we faced some impediments in the form of technological issues/unavailability of some backend team members due to medical reasons/some of the audios needing to redone, etc. This has slowed down the pace at which we were proceeding. Especially because there are several checks involved before any audio is finalised, we estimate being able to launch approximately 4000 audios next year. 


It could be more: the deciding factor will be the strength of the backend team. We need committed (part-time or full-time), responsible and diligent devotees, with working knowledge of google sheets/excel and using computers to help on the backend. If anyone is interested, please register.

For any further information, please write to us: contact@audioseva.com

UPDATE: November 28, 2019

It has indeed been heartwarming to witness so many devotees coming forward to contribute in various capacities towards this seva. With the efforts of 400+ devotees across 43 countries, so far we have managed to complete 11300* audio recordings under Phase 1 (Content Reporting). We began Phase 2 (Sound Editing) on February 4, 2019 and till now 1400* audios have been restored. (*As on Nov 28, 2019)


Our present estimate indicates that there are around 5000 complex to very complex audio recordings which are almost inaudible due to the following factors:  low-quality recording, background noise, reverberation, hissing, high pitch, tape speed, and so on.


For this reason, we have begun a RESCUE MISSION. Yes, a rescue mission! To literally rescue Srila Gurudeva’s vani from being lost by restoring each and every inaudible audio recording.


After eight months of interviewing 80 audio restoration experts worldwide, we have shortlisted two professionals who have the requisite skill to turn around these audio recordings (one to handle the complex recordings and one for medium) from being almost inaudible to audible.




The audio restoration is currently estimated to cost $200,000+.

This presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all the sons, daughters, and worldwide family of Srila Gurudeva to come together to preserve his legacy. Everyone can contribute either by serving directly or financially or by spreading the word.


In fact, the devotees have already begun raising funds towards this initiative. Some preachers are regularly contributing through the collections they receive as they travel, some working devotees have pledged a portion of their monthly earnings, and a few have even gone ahead and declared their inheritance to this project. Some have requested their friends and family for only one thing as their birthday or wedding gift: a donation towards Srila Gurudeva’s Audio Seva


You, too, can be a part of this historic and mammoth endeavour!


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