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I wish to serve but I don’t have the time for it..

This is the biggest factor that dissuades the devotees from taking up this service. Devotees often suppose that they have to commit a minimum quota of lectures every day and hence feel the inhibition. Actually, this service can be managed at your own pace. Some devotees manage 3 lecture submissions a day while some only 1 lecture in a month. Audio Seva Team values all the contributions. The average is 1 lecture submission every three days. And many professionally active devotees are also participating.


I am not technologically savvy…

No worries at all. We have developed our ecosystem which is as easy as filling up an online ticket reservation form. Some devotees can’t even access email, so they simply hear the lecture, note down the contents and with someone’s help email the details to us.


I have never served before.

This service has been designed in a very user friendly and easy way. So even newcomers pick it up quickly. The team is prompt in addressing all the queries received either by email and WhatsApp. As long as you need, we can hand hold you. If you have the desire to serve, we will find a way to serve together with you!


I took up the seva but now I don’t have the time..

No problem! In such cases, we reallot the lectures previously assigned to you and as and when you are available to serve again, we will happily allot a new set of lectures.


I only know Hindi but the submissions have to be done in English…

There are many devotees who are hearing the lectures in Hindi and noting down the contents in Hindi and then with the help of their family members or friends, they are making the submissions in English. So where there is a will, there is certainly a way!


I simply don’t have the time to do this service but I wish to serve in some way…

In such cases we encourage the devotees to either contribute financially or help spread the word by forwarding all our posts and messages using social media. We have often had devotees join us through word of mouth.

So spreading the word also requires commitment and is a valuable service. Every little bit helps.


The donation page shows only US dollars but I want to donate in Indian Rupees..

Donations are accepted on our website by PayPal or by credit/debit cards. Although the site shows payments accepted in US dollars, you can simply convert the amount you wish to give in your currency at the existing foreign exchange rates and enter the converted amount. You may use your local credit or debit card to make the transaction. If you still have any questions, please feel free to WhatsApp us on +91-817131 6662 or write to us at

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